12Tree is truly passionate about cocoa. Being real cocoa lovers, our ambition is to produce the world’s best cocoa with the highest social and environmental impact standards. We aim for the highest quality with the expectations of grinders and chocolatiers in mind.

Our Origins



Coming soon! Be the first to try the best fine cocoa from the largest fine cocoa plantation in Panama


Chimelb, guatemala

Flavor Notes: Blackberry, plumeria, espresso

Ultra-Premium and Premium qualities available


Limon y Guantupí, ecuador

The only cocoa in the world that has its own origin designation. Arriba Nacional Cacao with a mild cocoa flavor. Hints of jasmine, berries and strong earthy notes prevail. It is considered a flavor grade top quality cocoa. six cocoa varieties specially selected for their wonderful perfume, delicate, well-balanced and pronunciated flavor


Ambrosia, Dominican Republic

Criollo Cacao that requires a full 6 days of fermentation to show it's true flavor nature: A light, balanced cocoa flavor with subtle earthy notes.


Maquencal, Colombia

rio lindo, Ecuador

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Our post-harvest

Different varieties of cocoa beans from each origin will have signature flavor characteristics. To offer you pleasant and unique flavor profiles we harvest from monoclonal plots and develop fermentation and drying protocols for each clonal variety.

Our post-harvest processing allows us to offer customized blends according to your needs while keeping a consistent, high-standard quality and quantity over time.


Order sample beans from any one of our origins.

Your samples will ship within 14 days, and we will send you tracking information once they're on the way.

Sample order inventory does not reflect our main inventory. Please inquire if you would like to order full sacks.


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