We are leaders in mobilizing institutional investments into sustainable land uses at large scale. We transform the way agriculture and forestry are practiced – for a better future for all of us.

Since 2017 we have been mobilizing funding from institutional investors to invest into over $200 million in projects and programs that STABILIZE agriculture’s footprint, PROTECT forests, RESTORE degraded landscapes and IMPROVE rural livelihoods




October 10, 2019. Platanera Rio Sixaola receives the Carbon Neutral award from Costa Rica's Ministry of Environment

The farm has been certified carbon neutral for 10 years, being the first banana plantation to commit to carbon neutral operations in the country.

Platanera Rio Sixaola is a 300-ha farm located at the the south-eastern edge of Costa Rica and producing sustainable banana production for export to Germany with zero nematicide and herbicide application. It’s operations are certified with Rainforest Alliance, GlobalGAP, CO2 neutral, and Marca País Esencial Costa Rica. Additionally, 90 ha of the total area, are destined for conservation, with biological corridors connecting fragments of natural forests, which provide food and shelter for wildlife.


September 30, 2019. Hacienda Ambrosia achieves organic certification

12Tree is proud to announce that Hacienda Ambrosia has achieved organic certification according to the EU’s organic regulation and USDA’s National Organic Program, making Ambrosia the largest organic coconut farm in America! Very soon the largest organic cacao farm, and once the pollinator system is fully implemented, the biggest Organic honey producing estate in the country, hosting a thriving bee population of over 60 million bees.

Ambrosia is a plus 2,000-hectare farm in the Dominican Republic inter-cropping coconuts with cocoa, with more than 30% of its total area set aside for conservation and a brand new irrigation system completely gravity driven, free from pumps in the main line.


September 27, 2019. 12Tree launches its cocoa newsletter

12Tree cocoa is about producing the highest quality cocoa in a consistent way while providing a certified and traceable product from thriving agroforestry systems that benefit the local people, economy and nature.

In 3 years we have invested in more than 20,000 hectares of agroforests in 7 countries! Join our newsletter featuring the story of each origin, best agronomic and post-harvesting practices at the farms, available beans and volumes, everything related to sustainability, quality and traceability and of course, the people transforming the cocoa industry.

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