Our Strategy and Operational Approach

One, Two Tree – A Sustainable Framework

We are participating in creating a new paradigm where institutional investors can marry reasonable profitability with maximum social and ecological impact. Theoretically, this sounds easy to implement, but in the reality it is rarely the case:

Most truly sustainable organizations are NGOs that depend on donations and do not necessarily understand the need for profitability. On the other hand, productive and efficient operations often do not take basic considerations of ecological, social and other factors into account in order to maximize “shareholder value.”  At 12Tree, we are seeking to achieve a bond between both worlds.

12Tree is more than an investment advisory and asset management company. What makes our approach unique is that we control the operative implementation of our projects with our own management on-site in each country. Even when working with our local partners, our operative management ensures that our holistic approach is implemented and our goals are met.

We focus on projects where we can add value by optimizing yields, profitability and sustainability through modern mechanization and improved management practices. Risk mitigation for investors is achieved by investing in different asset types (e.g. agricultural assets provide recurring cash flows while forestry assets require a longer term horizon), jurisdictions, crops and project development stages.