One, Two, Tree: Socially, Ecologically and Economically Balanced

We carefully select our projects not only based on economic criteria but also based on their ecological and social criteria. Our mission is then to improve the environmental and social conditions around such projects and more globally.

This means: providing jobs and good working conditions to local populations paying particular attention to gender equality, developing education projects, creating and/or maintaining protection areas, contributing to climate mitigation by way of carbon sequestration in the trees, reducing the impact of agricultural inputs or optimizing the use of natural resources (in particular water).

We comply with various certifications (FSC, UTZ etc.) and voluntarily engage with independent social and environmental auditors to ensure that we achieve our targets.

No speculation on land value

Speculation on rising land value is not part of our value proposition. With our investments we try to protect the local population from possible negative effects resulting from increased land prices.

Establishing protected areas

We establish site-specific protected areas in order to preserve biodiversity and to provide long-term habitats for endangered species. When converting to permanent forests, these islands of biodiversity help to rebuild a multi-species environment much quicker.

Preserving primary forests

Primary forests are important natural refuges. Although they do not directly contribute to short-term returns, primary forests, as well as old secondary forests are preserved, providing natural protection for young plantations and thus securing the investment in the long run. Already existing primary forests on purchased land are included in our forestry plan for the future permanent forests as well. In these forests, we build nature learning trails, introducing environmental issues and key values to our visitors and local residents through educational programmes.


Our forest areas are certified according to the highest international standards, which to a large degree guarantees compliance with our sustainability requirements.

Environmentally responsible management

At our project sites we use environmentally friendly materials and pay special attention to the environment and recycling. We provide educational trainings for our employees and all management processes are carried out with environmental diligence.

Social responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility are equally important to us. Our workers and employees receive above-average social benefits. We make sure to include local smallholders as much as possible in our projects. Our technical expertise aims at supporting regional development, for instance through knowledge sharing, educational programmes and the joint selling of the goods produced.

12Tree particularly focuses on supporting women in the workplace by providing an appealing work environment across all corporate layers. We offer education and training programmes for our workers and want to especially train younger people for the various jobs in agroforestry. In case we need to hire more people from other regions to work at our project sites, we try to insure that if desired their families can move as closely to the project site as possible.

As we want to continuously improve our own engagement for social impact, we have invited external experts in “social forestry” to critically monitor our work and help us to develop long-term social impact plans for each region.


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